Remedies to Get Rid of Red Eyes

Taking proper care of eyes is the best way of keeping them from getting bloodshot. Cucumbers are highly effective in relieving red eyes naturally. Moisturizing drops can also alleviate this condition. Natural home remedies such as ice and cold-water treatment equally help in treating bloodshot eyes. As well, it is necessary to avoid smoking or rubbing the eyes. These actions are known irritable causes which redden these vital visual organs. Following a couple of tips regularly can leave eyes aglow and looking beautiful.

Keeping Slices of Cucumber on the Eyes

A good way to get rid of red eyes is by using cool slices of cucumber. Resting these on the eyes gets them to relax, as cucumber carries lots of moisture that helps reduce stress on the useful organs. Employing this treatment also aids in removing under-eye dark circles.

Keeping Banana Peels on the Eyes

Cool refrigerated banana peels offer another great way of soothing red eyes. This is by resting the interior peel-part for 5 minutes on them in closed state. The action eradicates stressed eyes, relaxing and making them feel healthy.

Sleeping for Adequate Hours

Inadequate sleep is a notorious cause of bloodshot eyes due to the stress it imposes on them. Dark circles can also form due to sleep deprivation. As such, sleeping for a minimum of 7 to 8 hours keeps eyes in glowing state.

Frequent Blinking and avoiding Excessive Exposure to LCD/LED screens

Exposing the eyes to laptops, computers, mobile phones and television screens for prolonged time-periods has a damaging effect on the eyes. It keeps moisture away from them, therefore drying and reddening the eyes. This situation then leads to compromised vision. Blinking eyes frequently or shutting them for 5 minutes every half hour also enables someone get rid of red eyes, since it keeps them well-moisturized and relaxed.

Moisturizing the Eyes Using Eye Drops

Insufficient supply of moisture is among the main causes of bloodshot eyes. Blinking fewer times than normal and deficiency of Vitamin B complexes are common reasons for lowered levels of eye moisture. Using a vitamin supplement or adding artificial tear drops once every two days hydrates and moisturizes the eyes and can alleviate red eyes in such instances.

Bloodshot eyes come about for varied reasons, including a crying spell, allergies and lack of sleep among other causes. Whatever the situation, such eyes eventually redden and turn puffy, making them feel dry excessively. The redness normally goes away by itself with time. However, someone headed to work or for an important event might require a quick fix immediately. In such case, applying the remedies suggested above can help in eradicating inflammation and redness faster than usual.