Holistic Approach to Plaque Psoriasis in Daily Life

Chronic plaque psoriasis damages not only the skin – it goes much deeper. In addition to irritating feelings, this disease causes psychological issues. If you are tired of fighting it, try a holistic approach and consider new ways of treating psoriasis.

Soothing the Itch

Patients describe the itchiness of a psoriasis plaque as a burning and painful feeling. You always want to scratch it and thus make it even worse.

Soothing the itch requires a proper moisturizing ointment and an appropriate cream every day. It is better to apply it after the shower to ensure that your skin loses no water. It is recommended to keep the cream in the fridge, as its coolness will make the irritated skin feel better.

Moreover, your dermatologist can prescribe a medicine for preventing and removing scaling. It will also help calm the itch and allow creams to penetrate the skin deeper.

Visit Your Dermatologist

Unfortunately, there is no universal cure for psoriasis. However, there are many ways to treat it. In order to get great results, it is necessary to build a trusting relationship with your doctor. Only if you tell him everything that bothers you, he will be able to choose a proper treatment scheme for you. Regular meeting with your dermatologist and his nurse will help a lot.

Even if you are tired from everyday procedure, it will be a bad idea to make a break in your treatment without telling about it to your doctor. The instant stop can have a negative impact and cause your psoriasis turn into another, more severe type. If the prescribed medications are too expensive for you, or if you experience a bad side effect, do not hesitate telling your doctor about your concerns, and he will definitely correct the therapy according to your needs.

Mind-Body Therapies

This type of therapy is aimed at taking an active part in gaining a smooth skin and overall health. Mind-body techniques will ease your emotional issues concerning psoriasis and help you control such negative feelings like anger, fear, embarrassment and frustration. Here are some methods that will make you feel better:

  • Mindfulness meditation;
  • Aromatherapy;
  • Yoga

Moreover, such therapies reduce stress. It is a well-known fact that stress worsens psoriasis, and the latest researches even showed that the high level of stress becomes a barrier to a patient’s response to treatment. Therefore, it would be wise to use any opportunity to relax. Start of with a few minutes of meditation, aromatherapy or yoga once a day, and you will see a great progress in a week.

Get Some Support

If you suffer from psoriasis, do not shut yourself in a box. This disease is quite common (1-3% of the population), so there are many people who can understand you.

At first, you can try online groups for patients with psoriasis. For example, you can join to a special group on Facebook or to the web community called TalkPsoriasis.org. Such online resources will bring you not only huge informational, but also strong moral support. In addition, you will feel comfortable and safe while sharing your thoughts and feelings from home.

If you prefer direct communication, you can visit meetings arranged by your town’s Psoriasis Foundation chapter or ask your doctor about a local support group.

Be Careful with Your Mood

Anxiety, depression and other negative psychological conditions often become the consequences of psoriasis. If you lose your interest in life and have a bad mood every day, it is necessary to talk to your doctor. Maybe, he will prescribe an appropriate medication or give you some tips how to improve this condition.

Every patient with psoriasis should understand that treating this disease requires a holistic approach. You should take care not only of your skin, but also of the rest of your body, and do not forget about your mind, too. By doing so, you will have enough strength to win this tough battle.