Effective Home Remedies For Stuffy Nose

Blocked nose is the common term for nasal congestion. It is a condition which if left untreated can cause problems in the sinuses. Blocked nose is usually caused by viruses, inflammation or allergic reaction. We can give you some tips for congestion relief.

Warm Drinks

Warm drinks can help relieve nasal congestion. They have a soothing effect on the nasal membrane and prevent dehydration. Nutritionists usually recommend chamomile tea, mint tea or thyme tea.


Performing nasal inhalation has positive effects on your upper respiratory system. All you need to do is put some chamomile or sea salt in a bowl of hot water, put a towel over your head and inhale the vapor. It will help relieve the nasal congestion and some people believe that it also neutralizes the viruses causing the nasal congestion.

Boosting the immune system

Because in most of the cases, nasal congestion comes as a result of common cold caused by viruses, we should know that it takes approximately one week for the cold to go away. Of course we must observe the advices for taking healthy food, drink large amounts of liquid (tea or natural juice), avoid going outside in the cold and get enough sleep. It is believed that taking vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables can reduce the time necessary for the body to heal from the cold.


According to traditional medicine, garlic has powerful antiviral effects and helps in boosting the immune system. It is believed that it can help in the process of relieving the nasal congestion more quickly and more easily.


One of the most precious gifts of nature is honey. Consuming 2 teaspoons of honey a day can help in congestion relief and in stimulating the immune system. The honey can also be consumed by diluting it in warm milk or tea.